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Old Buckenham Aero Club provides a small, friendly and flexible flying school which prides itself in having a professional but relaxed approach to aviation. It is staffed by highly experienced instructors with both military and civil backgrounds who, over the years, have had a high success rate in helping students gain their pilot's licences.



We also specialise in flights designed to give an introduction to flying including hands-on experience. In addition we can offer the rare opportunity to actually fly a WWll vintage Stearman biplane. Not only is this something truly different for most qualified pilots but is an unforgettable experience for those who would just like to try it once.


These introductory flights make unusual and exciting presents and we can send out personalised flight gift vouchers, which you can either buy online or over the telephone on 01953 861337.


We have three different types of aircraft available. Details of prices and duration are on the INTRODUCTORY FLIGHTS page

The following courses are available at the moment:-




Ground school tuition and testing - refresher training - hours building - licence renewals - bi-annual flight checks - revalidations

The airfield is ideally placed for flying training in East Anglia, being well away from the kind of controlled airspace used by commercial flights. The open skies of Norfolk and Suffolk are perfect for recreational flying and any user of an airfield like this, which is totally devoted to recreation, can be confident that their training and pleasure flying can progress unhindered. Fuel and engineering is available on site.