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Q. What must I do to get a Pilot's Licence?


A. You must have a medical and arrange a course at a flying school. There are basically two types of private pilot's licence which have slightly different medical criteria and confer slightly different privileges.


A full Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) requires a medical form from an Aviation Specialist and with a full PPL one would be qualified to fly a single engined light aircraft with passengers both within the UK and abroad. There are additional post-graduate qualifications such as the night rating and instrument rating, which many people go on to do. Also, whilst it is possible to hire aircraft from most schools, many people find it more convenient to buy a share in a group aircraft.


On the other hand a Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (LAPL) requires a less stringent medical from one's own GP and takes fewer flying hours. It does, however, restrict the holder to daylight flying in this country.



Q. How long would this take and what is the cost?


A. To get a full PPL requires a minimum of 45 hours flying plus enough ground tuition to pass the ground exams. How long this takes depends on how frequently you come in to fly and is subject to the weather. As to the cost, please refer to the Learn to Fly/ Training pages for the latest prices.



Q. What happens on the course?


A. The ground school takes place in parallel with the flying training. You start by leaning how to fly the aircraft and then progress to learn how to use it in basic air traffic patterns. At this stage after about 10 to 15 hours you would expect your first solo. From this you move on to advanced manoeuvers then navigation and learn to fly to other airfields. Then, following completion of the syllabus, you will have your skills test and the issue of your licence.


The challenge of flying takes you into a completely new environment which is both absorbing and immensely satisfying. The sky literally is the limit.


You will no doubt have other questions which we would be delighted to talk over with you.


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