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Old Buckenham Aero Club

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Old Buckenham Aero Club provides a small, friendly and flexible flying school which prides itself in having a professional but relaxed approach to aviation. It is staffed by highly experienced instructors with both military and civil backgrounds who, over the years, have had a high success rate in helping students gain their pilot's licences.



The following courses are available at the moment:-




Ground school tuition and testing - refresher training - hours building - licence renewals - biennial flight checks - revalidations


The airfield is ideally placed for flying training in East Anglia, being well away from the kind of controlled airspace used by commercial flights. The open skies of Norfolk and Suffolk are perfect for recreational flying and any user of an airfield like this, which is totally devoted to recreation, can be confident that their training and pleasure flying can progress unhindered. Fuel and engineering is available on site.


For those not yet qualified:-


Where to Start


The easiest way is to book a trial lesson (see the INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT page). This is the starting point for most flying careers.

It gives you the opportunity to experience the excitement of flying and actually take control of an aircraft without obligation or commitment. If you decide to continue with a PPL course, this introductory session will count towards your course total.


What Happens Next?


If you feel that flying is for you and you wish to move to the next stage, discuss the course with an instructor to fully understand the financial commitment and the demands on your time. Then, before spending any money, visit an approved medical examiner (list provided by the Club) to make sure there are no medical reasons to prevent you from holding a pilot's licence. Armed with a medical certificate, you can now plan your flying training. Do remember that ground school and examinations are part of the course and that continuity will save you money.


Who To Call?


Chief Flying Instructor - Howard Barber on 01953 861337- will be pleased to process your application to join the Club and fit you into the training programme.




At Old Buck Aero Club we take pride in having a completely transparent price structure. It is common to find that VAT, landing fees, club membership, text books etc. are all charged as extras. 

Our fees are all inclusive.


All prices are based on the following hourly rates, there are no hidden extras and flying time is maximised by the relatively uncongested facilities enjoyed at Old Buckenham.


Peak Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Dual - £189.00 per hour

Solo - £159.00 per hour


Off-Peak Days

Solo - £149.00 for the first hour, additional hours at a reducing rate.


Private Pilot's Licence (PPL)/Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (LAPL) Students

Dual - £189.00 per hour


Ab-initio students on the full course (PPL/LAPL) will get:


FREE club membership

FREE online ground school with 1:1 instruction as required

FREE use of navigational equipment

FREE landings

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