We are pleased to provide access to our students to the only flight simulator of its type in the uk which is based at the airfield. Not only does time in the simulator assist with skill development it helps our students learn even when the weather rules out real world flying.

Flight Simulator Training is operated in conjunction with Sim-Fly Norfolk, students receive one to one instruction from Captain John Hoyte, A highly experienced flying instructor who has decades of varied flying experience to draw upon. 


Pilots under training can fly our simulator either SOLO or DUAL to practice general handling procedure, navigation, radio procedures, instrument flying and emergency procedures.

The simulator is a great way to build confidence and knowledge whilst receiving instruction and advice from a professional flying instructor.

Simulator Lessons are completely optional as a method to support your training programme. Simulator time is charged as £69.00 per hour, or a course of 5 X 90 Minute Lessons can be purchased for £276.00

Simulator hours do not count towards the minimum 45 hours flying time required to obtain a PPL, however the additional hours are a good way to practice the many procedures you will be required to learn. It is not possible to rewind your practice landing whilst in the air, but very easy to do so when in the simulator!

Flight Simulator Norfolk
Flight Simulator Norfolk Controls