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  1. Aviation Law

  2. Meteorology

  3. Aircraft General Knowledge

  4. Navigation & Radio Aids

  5. Human Performance & Limitations

  6. Flight Performance & Flight Planning

  7. Communications

  8. Operational Procedures

  9. Principles of Flight


There is no specific order in which the exams must be completed, however all exams must be completed within 18 months of your completing the first exam. The pass mark for each exam is 75% and the time it will take for each person to grasp the knowledge to undertake each exam varies from person to person.

Exams are conducted at our premises and each subject passed has a fee of £25 (inc. VAT)

As part of your course we will provide general tuition and guidance in relation to the subject matters, we will also provide online access to full members to assist with study. Many students manage to study in their own time away from the flying club using the resources we provide and by purchasing additional study material that may assist.


In addition to the 9 exams, there is a requirement for each pilot to be competent and qualified in the use of radio equipment. When flying you will be required to talk to various Air Traffic Services, these are the same Air Traffic Services that are communicated with by commercial Aircraft and other General Aviation enthusiasts. Whilst the terminology used is not a foreign language, it is a new form of terminology that you may not be familiar with. Due to this you are required to attend further training and an examination. Many students find that as their hours build they become more confident with the terminology and the radio course and exam becomes second nature.


There is no requirement for you to attend formal ground school lessons, and there is no requirement for you to undertake your studies in the way that we dictate. However there is a requirement for you to pass the various exams in the time frames specified by the CAA. We will explain the nature of the exam sittings when discussing the training programme with you, and prior to you making any commitment.


We do understand that the way in which people learn varies, some students prefer to attend ground school sessions with a qualified instructor, whereas some students are happy to home study using their own study resource.


We are pleased to offer Ground School Classes in each of the required subjects, this additional service is offered at £42.00 per hour per student. Ground School may include more than one student in the class at one time, on occasion the fee will provide 1 on 1 tuition, on other occasion there may be some of your fellow students in attendance


Ground School is an additional service and completely optional.

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