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Once you have your Pilots Licence you will need to consider how you keep your licence current.


There are a number of options that you may consider that provide access to an aircraft.


  • Aircraft Share Option is a common route – A share of an aircraft is purchased, the group may have between 4 and 20 members. This is a proven method to keep the cost of flying affordable. Generally you purchase an equal share of the aircraft, you then are required to make an ongoing monthly subscription to the group, this subscription covers the hanger costs and general maintenance, you then pay a pre-determined hourly rate whilst flying the aircraft. A general rule, is the bigger the group the lower the cost, however you should consider that the bigger the group the less availability of the aircraft.


  • Outright purchase – As above however as you will own the aircraft you will be responsible for all associated costs. This is commonly known as the most expensive option given that your flying hours per year may only be around 30, that’s 8,730 other hours your aircraft may be sat un-used. Of course if you intend to fly very regularly and at your complete own convenience then this option may be the one for you. You may also wish to consider dual ownership.


  • Aircraft Hire – You will have seen that the club aircraft is available for hire at a pre set price. The figures shown include fuel for the duration of your hire period. Whilst not the most financially feasible way to keep flying, the hiring of the aircraft you trained in is a good way to build hours and your confidence, it can also provide a gap between you passing your licence and deciding what method of aircraft access is going to work best for you. Occasionally you may need to wait a few months to finalise your involvement within a group, as you will be a newly qualified pilot we suspect you will not want to wait a few months to take your family and friends flying.


It remains your responsibility to ensure that your licence remains current, you should seek clarification from an instructor at the flying school if you are unsure of the basic requirements, you should also be aware that the CAA may make changes to the currency criteria and you should take steps to ensure you are aware of these changes. An example of currency is the requirement to undertake at least 3 take off’s and 3 landings within a 90 day period. To ensure your currency you will of course need access to an aircraft for which you are insured.

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