G-LFSC is a Piper PA28, it is still the best low wing training aircraft in the sky . It's so good it is still in production, having first flown in the late 50's. Every year hundreds of pilots learn and gain their licence aboard a PA28. Our PA28 is equipped for Instrument rating training and revalidation.


G-NIKE is a Piper PA28 Archer II and it is the 2nd PA28 within our fleet. A low wing aircraft with 180 Horsepower, it is a great aircraft to facilitate your progress to qualified pilot in. G-NIKE is equipped for instrument rating and is available for hire once qualified.



G-AVHH is our Cessna 172, known as the best high wing aircraft. The Cessna 172 is as equally admired as the Piper but without a wing in the way. Our Cessna is primarily used for our flight experiences as it offers superior sightseeing capabilities but is in every way an ideal aircraft. Used throughout the World the 172 is still being produced and, as with the PA28 hundreds of qualified pilots continue their flying in a Cessna 172 once they get their pilots licence.

Extra 200 G-EZMT

G-EZMT is an Extra 200 one of most capable modern aerobatic aircraft available.

G-EZMT is a two seat tailwheel aircraft, ideal for advanced training. These aircraft are capable of +/- 10g

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